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Once Again in Pink by MistyKoopa Once Again in Pink by MistyKoopa
This came about from a conversation Brawl and I had during a vid chat the other night. Brawl told me a funny idea he had, that being along the lines of "Bulma see's Vegeta in the pink shirt again and compliments him on it, but Vegeta isn't impressed and makes a comment back to Bulma about her hair" and I basically went "XD That'd be awesome!" so I sketched it up for him real quick and showed him (he was impressed).

So later I was going back over the lines because I wanted to scan it for him (well, it WAS his idea) when I decided to refine it into a real one panel comic. So I resketched it, went over the lines, and coloured it. I was going to do a background but...after working for so many hours on it, I just didn't feel like it. So, just pretend they're standing around Capsule Corp. or somethin.

Yes, this is a new colouring style. Due to lack of black inking pens I had to outline everything in coloured pencil. What does everything think?! I highly doubt you'll see this put to use again with Dragonball/Z pictures (I'd rather stick as close as I can to the official style), but what about for my other pictures? If the idea seems pretty popular, I might just use it again.

And yes, I totally messed up on Bulma's mouth and pretty much failed to fix it. @_@
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July 22, 2009
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