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Battle Armour Cecilia by MistyKoopa Battle Armour Cecilia by MistyKoopa
Cecilia in battle armour. Basically a long time ago she found what remained of a Storm Trooper battle against a small band of rebels. Natrually there were no tops that even remotely fit her, but she did find bottoms that fit her. Soon after, she found a VERY old Mandalorian battlefield and lo and behold, she found a female battle top and took it. It took a great deal of costumising, and not using all of it, before she got the end result. There is no helment, because then she would not be able to use her fire in battle. And NO that is not a Saiya-jin scanner, its a highly modified eye peice that works like a visor.

There is another addition not visible from this angle and thats all the weapons attatched to the back. She got the idea because she is good at arieal combat, but did not want to waste time putting away weapons whilst flying, or dropping them. So she attatched them all with a retractible arm, one for each one. She grabs the one she needs, or needs to reload (hey theres a lot, hence why all the storage pouches across her chest), and pulls it out. It retracts instantly on its own when let go. Nifty addition, aye?

The armour is supposed to be red in colour. The parts on her arm that open up are manual controllers that moniter her heartrate and other things withen her, so she doesn't kill herself whilst pushing herself too much. Though, when she needs to, she will turn on a system that injects medicine into her neck, wrists, and ankles to keep her from damaging herself too badly. Thats all there is to say, really.
NeoSilverThorn Featured By Owner May 4, 2005  Student Digital Artist's essentially a junker-built body tank. Neat. (BTW, the mandalorian stuff looks fairly accurate; I'm assuming it's a piece from the late Mandalorian Wars?)
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May 3, 2005
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